Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Room of One's Own

I am exhausted! 

Exhausted and excited, because I just submitted the first draft of my thesis today.  This is a creative thesis, so the focus is on quality, not quantity - maximum 75 pp of quality.  I have spent hours upon hours doing revisions, something that I haven't spent a lot of time on before now.

Revisions terrify me - or, they did terrify me.  I'm catsitting for some friends right now, and they invited me to play their video games, borrow their DVDs and read their books while they're gone.  I haven't done any of that - but I did discover that their apartment is a perfect, distraction-free location to work on my revisions. 

I spent almost the entire weekend working at their dining room table, and I discovered something else - I REALLY like working on revisions.  I have a decent collection of short stories and exercises that I've worked on over the course of my program, all of which needs revising.  I'm tempted to get started on those as well, while I have access to my friends' apartment 24/7.  Sadly, they will be back before it's time to work on my second round of thesis revisions.

I have 2.5 weeks before I get feeback on my first draft, and instead of starting revisions on all this other stuff, I'm going to focus on clearing out my office and making it the work-friendly, distraction-free environment that I'll need moving forward.

Watch out clutter and dust bunnies!  Here I come!


  1. Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment, and you must feel so good about yourself now that it's submitted! Also, if you figure out how to make your workspace distraction-free, please tell me your secret.

  2. Thanks, Ann. I think cleaning it out first is the big thing, that an turning off the wirless on my laptop! I'm also planning on getting one of those folding screens to close off the space when I'm working.