Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pretty Young Things

According to the NY Times Magazine Culture Blog, there are some hot young lit mags on the scene that are taking up the mantle.  Despite what many people view as the death of print, these mags are flourishing by utilizing POD technology and the like.

Click the link above to see the list.  I'd like to specifically steer you towards The Coffin Factory, which is no. 4 on the list.  A classmate from undergrad is one of the managing editors.  I haven't read it yet, but anything with her name and influence is bound to be good.

From The Coffin Factory About page:
"The Coffin Factory serves as a nexus between readers, writers, and the book publishing industry. Our mission is to provide great literature and art to people who love books, including those who do not usually read literary magazines.

We believe that quality literature and art are essential for the existence of an intelligent society. In order to perpetuate an intellectually engaged culture, The Coffin Factory publishes phenomenal fiction, essays, and art three times a year."
Sounds fab, right?  Visit The Coffin Factory to learn more.

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