Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYR Update

I'm pretty happy with my NYR progress thus far -- I'm well ahead of my Publish at least 52 blog posts by December 31, 2012 goal.  This is my fourth post into 2012, and it's only January 8! When I first decided on this particular NYR, I wasn't so sure how it would work out.  I didn't know if I could come up with enough interesting things to write/discuss to post once (or more) a week, but it seems to be going OK.

In regards to Finish the first draft of my novel, I haven't even thought about this yet.  I won't be able to focus on this until May at the earliest.  I always have to work a lot of extra hours in January, and I have my thesis course this spring, along with an additional class (Novel Form, Style and Structure) that I foolishly signed up for as well.  I say I was foolish to sign up for it, but I can't bring myself to drop the course, even though I don't need it for my degree.  I'm trying to get as much out of my program as I possibly can, so I will graduate with 12 courses instead of the requisite 9 courses.

Submit at least six different stories to twelve different journals.  This too will be pushed off a little longer.  Since I will be revising a number of stories for my thesis, my plan is to submit those stories that I've worked on for thesis, so I will probably start submitting in April.

Be more punctual.  Yeah, I have completely failed at this so far.  But I always think of Mondays as a clean slate, and I'm going to do better, starting tomorrow!

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