Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Nooky Nook

So, I'm super excited because I got a Nook Tablet for Christmas, sort of.

("Sort of" refers to the Christmas part. My husband and I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and he simply can't resist the look I give him when I really want something. I do a wonderful impression of Puss in Boots. So I got my Nook Tablet.)

I am completely enamored with this gadget.  It does SO MANY THINGS!  Netflix, Hulu, Goodreads, email, digital magazines and books, Pandora ... and whatever other apps and games you can find.  It came on Friday, and today is Tuesday.  Since it finished charging on Friday evening, I have watched the entire first season of 30 Rock on Netflix.  (Have you seen 30 Rock?  It is an insanely good show.  I can't believe that I've missed it all this time.  And the characters and the writing are all so strong.  Can this be considered educational?  It's helping me learn about character development and dialogue, right?)

I'm supposed to be revising my thesis in anticipation of my thesis and publication course this spring, and I was supposed to clean in anticipation of a house guest this week.  I'm taking two classes this spring, and one of them is thesis, as in "graduation depends upon successfully completing my thesis."

I am in so much trouble.

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