Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun with Poetry

My work PC went down today, the victim of multiple trojans.  All my work is on my computer.  if my computer doesn't work, I might as well go home.  So while IT was working on my computer, I decided to play on my Nook Tablet.  For some reason, I thought it would be fun to tweet in haiku about my computer problems - and my cousin (@the1skelly) decided that he would tweet back, in haiku.  I was so tickled by our exchange, I thought I would post it here.

@escameron, 11:15 am: Computer virus/No more productivity/Tweet haiku instead
@the1skelly,  12 pm: @escameron Sorry to hear that/ Tech is a fickle ally/ Enjoy your respite :)
@escameron, 1:57 pm: @the1skelly -- Info Tech staffer/My hero, scanned and repaired/Now must change passwords
@the1skelly, 2:10 pm: @escameron Crisis averted/Poetry delay short-lived/Rhyme another day :)

The funny thing about this exchange is that I haven't written a haiku in ages - I think the last time was in 2006, when we had one of those magnetic fridge poetry kits.  When we moved to our current place, the set was thrown away, lost, or boxed up somewhere.  I'd completely forgotten about it.

The thing is, I remember that I thought haikus were really hard to write - I seem to remember struggling with them.  But writing these today, I felt a little giddy, and they just seemed to flow.  I'm thinking that I should write more haikus, and tweet them.  It's fun to tweet in haiku!  And it's a great showcase for little tidbits that might not otherwise ever be read.

My cousin has his own blog, which you can read here:  You can also follow him on Twitter: @the1skelly, but only if you follow me first: @escameron.

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