Monday, November 16, 2009


OK, so not entirely FAIL.  But I am behind.  VERY behind.

We are at the halfway mark, which means I should have 25,000 words.

I only have 12,708.

Which means, in order to catch up by next Sunday (because there is no way that I am writing 12,300 words in one day - I need to pace myself) - I need to double my word count.  That's right, I will need to write 3,334 words per day for the next seven days in order to catch up.

I'm starting to have a panic attack.

So, I will leave you with the following as I ponder my NaNo fate ...


"I believe that the so-called 'writing block' is a product of some kind of disproportion between your standards and your performance ... one should lower his standards until there is no felt threshold to go over in writing. It's easy to write. You just shouldn't have standards that inhibit you from writing ... I can imagine a person beginning to feel he's not able to write up to that standard he imagines the world has set for him. But to me that's surrealistic. The only standard I can rationally have is the standard I'm meeting right now ... You should be more willing to forgive yourself. It doesn't make any difference if you are good or bad today. The assessment of the product is something that happens after you've done it."

-- William Stafford, poet
(This was posted to one of the NaNo message boards by BeeJay.  It makes me feel slightly better.)


  1. Hey you can do it, I'll C&P what I posted in a thread you posted in on the NaNo forums.

    "You all can do it, this morning I was feeling really depressed and I was behind. I was at 30k for a few days and saw that I needed 36k+ by Sun night. I was seriously thinking about just giving up and quitting. I mean who would know right, a bunch of people I've never met on the internet? Their not going to care.

    You have to find something, for me it was just using a different software to write. I found this.

    And I did 6 THOUSAND words tonight in about 8 hours straight. That was basically one chapter in my book but now I am caught up again.

    I tell you all don't think like me, people WILL care here. We WANT you to hit 50k and don't want you to quit, I want to see everyone here including myself hit that 50k marker. Did in, find the time and just write, I know if I'm this close to completing this, you all can as well. I'm cheering for you all!"

  2. Phil, thanks for your encouragement! I definitely think that the support of both the virtual and in-person NaNo community contributed to my success this year.

    I started using Write or Die about a week or two ago, and it has really helped me get ahead.

    And I'm glad to see that you are also a winner!