Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beware The Hawk

No, not me ... I'm talking about my friend A.J. O'Connell, who I had the privilege of meeting at the 2011 AWP Conference.  She's not a hawk, and you don't have to be wary of her.  She's quite nice, actually.  She recently finished her MFA at Fairfield University, and she has an ebook coming out in January titled Beware the Hawk.  It's a novella about ... well, I can't describe it since I haven't read it yet, but she talks about it here.

I'm really excited for her and can't wait to read her book, and I hope that you will/are too!  You can learn more about A.J. by reading her blog, The Garrett, or following her Twitter feed, @ann_oconnell.


  1. Good lord - I missed this post entirely! Thank you so much. (I was wondering where some of those new hits were coming from.) I'm adding you to my Google Reader so I never miss anything again.

  2. Ha ha -- You're welcome, Ann! I like to support my friends in any way I can. Though I don't know how many hits you got from my post here, as I don't think I have too many readers :)