Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back Stateside: My Italian Adventure!

My most recent Tweet - 19 days ago - proclaimed, "I am on vacation!"  Being ever conscious of my safety and security, I did not publicize where I was going or when exactly I would be gone, but now that I am back I can write about it freely.

I spent fifteen days in Italy - my first international trip (apart from Canada, which - and I dearly love you, Canada - isn't truly international) - and it was fantastic!  I spent the majority of my trip in Florence, participating in the Hopkins Conference on Craft as part of my graduate program (although they do welcome non-degree participants).  I was also lucky enough to visit Venice, Pompeii and Rome during my travels.

During my trip, I took buckets of pictures and filled almost my entire travel journal.  Since I've been back, everyone has been asking about my trip and they want to see pictures, and this has inspired me.  I want to posting more regularly on my blog here, and I also want to share with everyone my pictures and trip experiences ... so I will be posting here, over the next few weeks, my journal entries and selected photos from My Italian Adventure.

So stay tuned for the first installment of the mini-series, My Italian Adventure!

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