Friday, October 2, 2009

Save the Black Rooster Pub!

Hello, readers.

I know that this isn't writing-related, so please forgive me.

This is something that is very dear to me and I am reaching out to everyone I know through all the various social-networking sites and in-person groups that I belong to, in an attempt to try to affect some sort of change.

As some of you may know, for the past three years my husband has worked as a bar manager at the Black Rooster Pub, which is located in mid-town Washington, DC; before he began working there, it was our place to hang out, bring out-of-town friends, etc. The Black Rooster Pub has been a staple on the DC mid-town scene for almost 40 years, many of those spent peacefully co-existing in the same building as the Peace Corps.

Recently, the Peace Corps has launched a hostile takeover of the small corner of the building occupied by the Black Rooster Pub, forcing a local independent business to close and putting my husband (and 15 other employees) out of work in a depressed economy. The thing is, the Peace Corps doesn't need to do this. There is plenty of unoccupied, available office space in the immediate area that they can utilize; but for the Black Rooster, there is no available commercial space in the area for the pub to re-locate.

You can learn more online at

If you want to sign our petition, please visit

You can visit the Black Rooster website at

And if you are inspired, please feel free to pass this on, post it to your blog, put it on Facebook, post it on MySpace, Tweet about it. Every little bit helps. But there is very little time left. Please help us save this historic pub, not to mention the job of my husband and all our friends.

Best regards,
Erin Skelly Cameron

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